Our approach


We fully integrate into our clients’ teams, complementing their capacities, in order to make things move forward.


Concretion in strategy. We combine strategic capacities with vertical business knowledge, which enables us to support our clients in strategic projects, contributing with pragmatism and specification right from the start.


Model design, ready for implementation. We design models while always considering their posterior implementation, and the people that will execute them. Detailed and user-friendly frameworks, integrated with our clients’ tools and global models.


Differential implementation capacities. We have extensive experience, diverse methodologies and differential implementation capacities. We integrate with our clients’ teams at all organizational levels, accelerating the implementation of concrete and tangible enhancements.


Never losing sight of future opportunities. We work for leading clients in spearhead projects, and we get to places where others have never been before. Moreover, we devote time, energy and enthusiasm to understand the countless possibilities derived from new technologies and approaches.

Recent projects

  • Agile organization

    We are currently supporting a leading bank in the design and implementation of an Agile organizational framework throughout all their fields of service, with teams assigned to the execution of business processes and teams dedicated to projects. Never before has such an ambitious organizational transformation been implemented in the field of financial services. The goal of this Agile organization is to revitalize central areas and provide faster and more efficient deliveries, by means of a more strategic allocation of resources, polyvalence, flexibility and the impulse of a cultural shift that increases team commitment and responsibility.

  • Transformation Plan Banking

    We currently collaborate with a renowned bank in the commercial and entrepreneurial sector in the design and implementation of a transformation plan for all business sectors (large corporations and SMEs). The plan includes measures in the field of digital transformation, commercial, operational, credit management and people management. Through this Plan, the bank aims to bolster its leading position and widen its market share, as well as improve its NPS in order to further distance itself from competition. The plan foresees measures in central services and the implementation of new processes and work methods in the network to accelerate the transformation.

  • Executive Set-Up Coordination in European markets

    Our client is carrying out an ambitious international expansion plan by purchasing assets and/or companies in selected markets. At Signature, we support the client’s integration team in the Set-Up process following the acquisition, providing support in the construction of necessary capacities to operate the business in the new market while maintaining the same quality, efficiency and profitability standards they already have in their consolidated markets. We fully integrate into the client’s teams, and support the executive coordination of the whole process and the direct execution of selected workstreams.